Who are we and how did we become

A Little Piece of Mexico represents our dream to create a genuine and authentic little piece of Mexico in Australia.

Our selling platforms for about 6 years have been our on-line shop, pop-up stalls at major art and craft events and through our wholesale business partners which include the Australian Museum in Sydney.

I am a native Mexican and my wife is Australian and we call ourselves an Aus Mex family.

When I took my wife to Mexico for the first time, we spent time with my Mexican family in a colonial city called “City of Angels”, Puebla. My wife grew so excited when we introduced her to the huge array of shops containing Talavera pottery, markets of incredible colour and shops and shops of sweets! The street of talented painters was her ultimate experience; she stood for a long time watching the painters create their master pieces. If it wasn't for the missing credit card, I'm sure she would have brought many wonderful oil paintings home to line our walls.

As we continued to explore Puebla and other cities of Mexico it became evident to us that if we loved so much of what Mexico had to offer, Australian's would also love to see these amazing objects of desire and creativity. This was the beginning of our dream to bring home to Australia all the beautiful things that Mexico has to offer.

During the process of setting up our business, our respect for the artisans in Mexico talents grew passionately. Importing and Exporting has always been a dream of mine and my wife has a love for art, so it felt so natural and important to us in developing "A Little Piece of Mexico" in order to embrace and support the Mexican artisans whilst sharing these with Australians.

I visit Mexico regularly and this allows me to continue to explore and develop new relationships with suppliers. We are now very proud of the hand chosen products we have been able to bring to Australia so far and we are eternally grateful for the artisans who have handmade each of our items for our business including our name on the bottom of every piece.

If you love our products thus far, please stay tuned as we grow our “Little Piece of Mexico” and turn it into our little empire of specialist handicrafts, children’s clothing, jewellery and delicacies. Our promise is to show Australia the real Mexico, its magic of colour, vibrant culture and love for my people and everything Mexican.

We look forward to the moment you embrace our products and include them in your home, I’m sure you will love them as we do!

Our mission is to ethically and fair trading, bring a Little Piece of Mexico to you!

If you want to contact us please use the below:


From Australia:   1300ARRIBA (1300277422)

International:       +61 (2) 95961521