Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Can I use Talavera for everyday use?

Talavera is commonly used for cooking and serving of food. They are double fired at very high temperatures and are very resilient.

They can be washed in the dishwasher and placed in the microwave. Our Artisans have also advised that it is safe to place them in the oven.

Please be careful as they are sensitive to extreme temperatures like most ceramic items. e.g removing from a hot oven and running it under cold water should be avoided as they could crack.

2. Is your Talavera lead-free and safe to eat and drink from?

Yes absolutely! All our Talavera products are lead free. Food can be served and eaten from our products.

3How do I look after my new products (Talavera, garments or jewellery)?

We will send you the care instructions with the product, however please see below for information.

Talavera can be placed in the dishwasher. We would prefer that you hand washed the item to ensure it maintains it's ultimate condition, but you do have the option to  place it in the dishwasher should you need too. 

Talavera is a ceramic, so it's wise to be careful not to place extreme temperatures on the item e.g Hot to extremely cold.

Our dresses are either 100% cotton or a cotton blend and most of our dresses have hand embroidery. The amount of detail in each dress is incredible and we would like that you hand wash the items in cold water with a gentle detergent and hang in the shade. Please do not use bleach on our clothing.

The Jewellery is mostly silver, it can either be sterling silver or solid silver. If the products was to go slightly brown, this would indicate that it's solid silver and has no chemicals added to it whatsoever....although this may look odd, it's actually more expensive to purchase solid silver. All it needs is a jewellery cloth to wipe it over and it will be back to it's shining self.


3. Do we work with wholesale customers?

We would be proud to work with you and your business, Australian or overseas based business partners are welcomed,we will require that you have an ABN.

Our clothing can be shipped easily anywhere, however the Talavera is a much heavier product and will require specific considerations on a per case basis.

Please contact us at with any information you require. We are based in Sydney, if you are local or nearby, we can schedule an appointment to show you our products and work with you on pricing and your business requirements.


4. Do we provide gift wrapping and how are the items packaged?

If you are purchasing one of our products as a gift, we are very happy to provide gift wrapping free of charge. If the gift is for a wedding or a special event, please let us know by sending an e-mail to so we can do something special for your loved ones. The presentation of our products is important to us.

As each product is unique, we don't have standard packaging for each item, so all our Talavera products are packaged with bubble wrapping and our environmentally friendly gift wrapping.

Clothing will be wrapped and sent in bubble wrap envelopes and Jewellery presented in leather boxes, then bubble wrapped for shipping .


5. Do we custom order? or have other designs and colours?

Your ideas and recommendations are always welcome and we appreciate feedback from our customers as this helps us stay in business. Please call us or send us an e-mail to ....Gracias!

Our Talavera can be custom made to order and we can offer many types of styles and designs. We can even source a product for you if you have something in mind. Please be aware though that your product would need to be part of our next shipment so may take up to six months to arrive depending on sales. Please contact us and we can place down your requests and keep you informed of the progress . We will likely request a deposit.

Our dresses are a lot easier to order, please contact us immediately if we don't have your sizes or colours and we can schedule that for you. If there is anything you would like modified to the dresses, please also let us know and we can discuss that with our supplier. 

Our Jewellery which is presently in small numbers and our existing line has been popular considering it's only been on show for a few weeks! We either travel to Mexico or our family come to visit us, generally once or twice a year, so our Jewellery is always hand selected by our family, so if there is anything you would like, let us know and we can do our best to source it for you. 


6. What is your return policy ?

Please refer to our terms and conditions.